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Monday, November 13, 2006

WiFi Print Server

Back in Beaumont I used a DLink router with a built-in print server.
This allowed me to move around the house with my notebook computer and
print without having a cable attached to my computer. AT&T supplied a
router for their DSL service, and I cannot use the old router with the
print server. I had to attach my printer to the computer with a cable.
I searched for a WiFi print server and found one made by Linksys that
is expensive and has bad reviews. Also it did not have the old
parallel port connector that I need.I searched the DLink website and
did not find what I needed when I first moved in the house. Yesterday
I searched on and found a DLink WiFi print server that has
a parallel port plus two USB ports. It is affordable and has decent
reviews. I decided I am going to wait until after Windows Vista ships
on January 30 before buying the print server. I want to make sure
DLink adds support for the new operating system.


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