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Friday, November 03, 2006


I am keeping to my self-imposed schedule and unpacking one box of
crystal each day. I did that this morning. I washed, dried and placed
the last of the stemware that goes in the china cabinet in place. I
have one more box of crystal that contains tumblers and champagne
flutes to put away elsewhere.

Yesterday there was a little excitement in my life. People are
laughing at me for not turning on the cooktop or oven after almost two
months in the house. I went to the grocery store and bought a frozen
pizza and some baking potatoes. I wanted to test the oven and try the
convection features of both the microwave and wall oven. I decided to
have the pizza for lunch. I read the manual and learned that I should
press the pad labeled, "Bake" and enter the desired temperature on the
numeric keypad. I entered 400. My neighbor had complained that her
oven takes a long time to reach temperature. I started watching the
clock. After twelve minutes my oven was right at 320 when I heard a
loud pop. It sounded like an explosion and scared me silly. I noticed
the glass in the oven looked strange. I ran over and turn it off and
opened the door. The inner glass panel had shattered. It looked like
one of those defective rear car window that you sometimes see that has
broken into thousands of pieces. I was very glad that GE used the same
type of safety glass in the oven.

I called Meagan and told her what happened. She said she would contact
GE. I let the oven cool down and tried to figure out how to clean up
the shattered glass. I could not close the oven door until the loose
glass was removed. I did not want to vacuum glass with my good
household vacuums. I have a shop vacuum, but its hoses and tools are
still in the boxes in the garage. Even my dust pan and whisk broom are
still packed in the garage boxes.. I called Meagan and asked her if
she could send someone over with appropriate cleaning tools. She said
she had what was needed and would be over. I wrapped my pizza in foil
and put it in the freezer. Meagan came over, and we cleaned up the

Later Meagan emailed and said she had contacted GE. They will bring me
a new door a week from today. I thought there was probably a small
crack in the glass that caused the problem, but GE told Meagan that
the panel was probably installed with the wrong side facing the oven.
Meagan said a supervisor from the company that installed the fireplace
will be out on Monday to try and determine exactly why the fireplace
keeps going out. I hope the oven door and fireplace are the last of
the new house bugs. I want to finish the unpacking and put the move
out of my mind.


  • At 1:23 PM, Blogger Moobear said…

    Sorry to hear about your stove and your fireplace. I ran across this site with some pictures of Beaumont and I thought you might like to read. Sounds like you are getting along well with your unpacking. Take care and soon maybe you can relax and enjoy your new home.
    Here is the addy Sally:



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