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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday Morning

This morning I unpacked the last box that contained crystal, washed
everything and put it away. It was relief to get the last of the
crystal out of the boxes. All the bubble wrap that I bought at Sam's
did what it was supposed to do. As I sat on on the living room floor
and unwrapped each piece, I thought about how I sat on the living room
floor in Beaumont last spring and summer and wrapped each piece. I
still have to go back and wash the big pieces of crystal that I have
sitting around the house. I unpacked those pieces first and did not
wash them.

I have been cleaning the kitchen each day. I still need to double
check the oven for any remaining pieces of glass. The oven has an
awful burnt smell in it. I wonder if it has more problems than just
the glass. A technician from GE called yesterday and said he was
ordering the glass for the door. Apparently he will replace just the
glass instead of the whole door. I am going to insist that he stay
here while the oven heats to 400 degrees to make sure it is working

This week I have made a couple of trips down to The Colony. I went
back to the Wal-Mart at the corner of 121 and 423. I got a better
impression of it than I did during my first visit. I like the one on
Ohio Dr. much better since it has gasoline pumps and is adjacent to

This morning I went back to The Colony and found the post office. It
is over five miles one way to the post office, but it is closer than
the Frisco post office. I really miss the convenience of having
everything so close to my house as I had in Beaumont, but one can't
have everything. There are not too many other things in Beaumont that
I miss.


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