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Monday, November 06, 2006

Nice Day

Yesterday and today Frisco has received some badly needed rain. My
attitude toward rain has really changed since I moved here. Now I am
grateful for every drop that falls instead of gritting my teeth and
hoping the streets would not flood this time. Last night my NOAA
weather radio alarmed with a flash flood warning for Collin County.
When I unpacked the radio I looked up the codes for Collin and Denton
Counties on the NOAA website and programmed my radio. Ever since the
display has been saying "Check Manual." The weather service is
supposed to send out test signals every week. In Beaumont the signals
seemed to be sent out every other week. During the week in between the
display would say "Check Manual." I was wondering if I had done
something wrong. I must have done everything right since the alert was
received last night. This morning I checked the display and it said
"Weather Alert On." I have concluded the problem is the weather
service up here does not send out the test signals.

Yesterday afternoon I went to a house blessing for a lady that I met
the day after I moved in. She lives across Frisco Lakes Dr. from me.
She is a member of a local Episcopal church. I had never attended a
house blessing before. It was a very nice service. The priest blessed
each room in the house. A group from her church and quite a few people
from Frisco Lakes were there. I thought the blessing was a very nice
thing to do.

I have a heavy cotton tunic sweater. I decided to be brave and wash
and dry it in my new washer and drier. That sweater when wet would
have been enough to throw my old Maytag washer off balance and cause
it to heave itself across the room. The new Oasis machine had no
problem with the big heavy wet lump. I have a sweater drying rack that
I assemble and lay across the bathtub. It is difficult to assemble and
often comes apart and falls in the tub. This time I decided to try the
rack that came with my clothes dryer. It allows you to place something
on the rack so that it lies flat and is not tumbled. It worked very
well and my sweater looked much better than when dried slowly on a
rack over the bathtub. The sweater is so heavy it takes more than two
days to dry without the heat. My first washer and drier were Kenmores.
The drier had a similar rack. Maytag did not have that feature. It is
a good feature, and I am glad my new drier has the rack. I am sure I
will use it frequently.

Today the company that installed the fireplace is supposed to send
someone out to trouble shoot the fireplace. I hope the problem can be
solved today. I just do not like having to have things fixed and
having repair people come in my house. I want some tranquility.


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