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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Something Went Right, But....

This morning I drove down to the Plano Medical Center for my mammogram
at HealthSouth. There was dense fog this morning, and it was a little
frightening to go out on FM 423 when I could not see clearly, but I
encountered no problems. The medical center is quite large and has
many buildings. I could not find Building D and had to go in another
building and ask for directions. Building D had plenty of ground level
parking. I filled out the stack of paper and was called in by the
technologist close to my appointment time. The technologist told me
they had received my films from the Beaumont HealthSouth. I was very
relieved to hear that. It can be a real hassle to get medical records

Yesterday the fireplace company called and said they were not going to
come out until they received the correct logs for my fireplace. The
woman told me they think the incorrect logs are causing the venting
problem and causing the limit switch to trip. I am having a very
difficult time understanding that, but all I can do is wait for the
logs. The logs are supposed to arrive on Monday. If the problem
continues with the correct logs, they will hear plenty from me.

I found a new problem today. I had not run any water into the hall
bathtub. I turned the water valve on to the mid position and let the
water run for some time. The water did not get warm. I turned the
valve clear to the left which is the total hot water position. To my
amazement the water cut off. I hate to think about what might be
wrong. I called Meagan. She wanted to leave this until my 90 day walk
through since she said It was not an emergency because I had another
bathtub. I told her I was tired of the difficult climb into the
whirlpool tub and wanted to try out the hall bathroom tub. She agreed
to call a plumber. She called back shortly and said the plumber would
be in the area tomorrow and would be out in the afternoon.

I had a little visit with one of the neighbors across the street.
They, too, have had a comparable number of problems with their house;
but they are not the same ones that I have had. The good thing is that
everyone says Pulte/Del Webb is doing their best to correct the


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