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Saturday, November 11, 2006


The last few days I have had trouble getting my blog articles posted.
I am using Gmail to compose and send the articles. Until the last week
it had worked well. Now there is a lag of several hours before the
articles are posted. I get impatient and send the article a second
time. Several times I have gone back to the blog and had to delete
duplicate postings.

Yesterday the GE technician came and replaced the glass in my oven
door. The package that was delivered earlier in the week contained the
new cartridge that was composed of three glass panes in a frame. He
took the door off the oven and went outside and replaced the cartridge
in order to keep from spreading the remaining glass particles around
my kitchen. He was a very nice man.

Last week when the glass exploded I wrapped my frozen pizza in foil
and put it back in the freezer. It had not gone in the oven. It was
sitting on a pizza pan on the counter. I was a little worried that it
might have thawed too much. Anyway I cooked the pizza in the oven and
had it for lunch. It was very good, and I am feeling very well this

My next-door neighbors returned from Puerto Rico a couple of days ago.
They are leaving for about ten days to go to Indiana to visit a
daughter today. Then they will come back to Frisco Lakes for a few
weeks before returning to Puerto Rico. They went on a cruise to
Greece, Turkey and Egypt before going to back to Puerto Rico. They
heard about an Egyptian exhibit that is starting a tour in the United
States. Its first stop is going to be the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort
Worth. They invited me to go with them when they return. I talked them
into going there on DART, the Dallas light rail train. It connects to
a Fort Worth train at Union Station. Then there is a ten minute bus
ride to the museum. I love to explore public transportation systems. I
hope my neighbors do not suffer too much.

This past week has been very warm, and I have had to run the air
conditioner. A cold wave arrived yesterday. If my fireplace were
operable, I would have turned it on this morning. I talked to Meagan
yesterday, and she will be following up on the fireplace repair next


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