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Monday, October 23, 2006


Last night I checked, and the prediction was the low
temperature in Frisco would be 37 degrees. When I first checked this morning, the temperature was 37 degrees. Now it has
warmed up to 39 degrees. Beaumont has had such warm winters over the
last ten years that it will be an adjustment for me to get used to the
colder weather. I like cold weather.

The motivation to start hanging pictures finally hit me yesterday
afternoon. I found that one of my favorite pictures was damaged in the
move. My anger at the Mayflower packers was resurfaced. I had intended
to leave the boxes with my figurines, crystal and china sealed until
all the pictures were hung, but I just had a desire to see some of my
possessions again and opened a few of the boxes. I made complete lists
of the contents of each box so it was very easy to find the things I
wanted. I wish I had been able to pack everything. I hope to hang more
pictures today.

I was mistaken about the UPS delivery date. It said October 24 all
along, but I kept thinking that was Monday instead of Tuesday. I think
I will run my errands on Wednesday instead of Tuesday so I can stay
home. I want to go vote. I need to search the web and find out just
what is on the ballot. After I vote, I am going to go to Frisco Square
and find the store that carries the curio cabinets and find what they
charge for it. There are some very tempting online deals, but I am
afraid to order something with so much glass. While I am in the area I
am also going to stop and look at the new Frisco library. It is
supposed to be very nice. I will also apply for a library card.

On Saturday I went to the Cooper Aerobics Center at Craig Ranch. It is
a really nice place, but it is just too far from Frisco Lakes. I made
one wrong turn coming back but soon realized I was going the wrong
direction on 720. I got turned around before I had gone very far out
of my way. The road going out there is a narrow two-lane country road
without any lights. I am afraid to drive it at night. I had signed up
for the lecture on healthy grocery shopping for tonight but canceled
my reservation. My neighbors have decided to leave town so going with
her is not an option. At the wine and cheese social on Friday night
one lady said her husband would like to car pool to the center. I am
all for that idea.


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