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Friday, October 27, 2006


The price that I was quoted at the Bella Cosa furniture store for the
curio cabinet was wrong as I suspected. The real price was in line
with what I had seen on the Internet. I was ready to go ahead and buy
from them, but I told my neighbor what I was planning to do. Dillards
department store was also listed as a dealer. My neighbor encouraged
me to check with them. I called the closest Dillards store and found
that they had the curio cabinet in stock and gave me a lower price and
lower delivery charge. I placed the order over the phone and did not
even go to the store. They are supposed to call me Monday and let me
know when they will deliver.

I took the shoes that I received from to the UPS Store.
They are to be exchanged for a smaller size. I thought your feet were
supposed to increase in size as you age. Mine are shrinking or maybe
the shoe that I bought runs large.

I took my fancy stainless steel paper towel holder back to Target and
got a refund. I was disappointed that it broke. Oxo is the company
that made it. They make very nice kitchen tools. They have a newer
model paper towel holder. I found a 25 percent off coupon from Linens
N Things and plan to buy the new model Oxo. I am going to inspect it
closely to see if there are any potential problems.

At the time of my walk through before closing I saw my fireplace
operate for a brief time.The weather was very warm, and I asked my
construction superintendent to turn off the pilot light. My neighbors
came over the other night, and he lit the pilot light for me. We
turned the fireplace on and while we were talking it went out by
itself. The manual refers to a limit switch on the vent that needs to
be reset if the flue is blocked. We could not get the flames to work
or find the switch. I emailed Meagan about the problem. She was away
for training and did not get back to me. I received an email from her
this morning, and she said she would look into it today.


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