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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Paper Towel Holder, Etc.

I never thought a paper towel holder was a big deal, but it appears
that I was wrong. Before I bought the Oxo model that broke I had
searched I read some reviews and saw that some people said
they had tried several holders before they found one that they liked.
I thought that was silly. Yesterday I went to Linens N Things. I
looked over their selection and was reading the directions for the new
model Oxo holder. A woman saw me looking at it and said to me that she
had bought that model and really liked it. She said she tried three
different holders before she found one that she liked. I told her I
was getting ready to buy my second one and hoped I could avoid going
for number three. I bought the new model Oxo and used the 25 percent
off coupon that I had found on the Internet. The new Oxo was the same
price as the first one, but I saved $7 over the first one. I do not
like the styling of the new one as well as the first one; but if it
will last a long time, I will be happy.

Meagan called, and she is going to arrange for the fireplace installer
to come and check out my fireplace on Wednesday. Del Webb/Pulte has
been very good at correcting problems with the house. I am making a
list for my 90 day walk through. There is nothing significant on the
list so far.


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