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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Picture Hanging & More

Yesterday I hung a few more pictures. I really do not like this task.
I am at the half way point. I have three groupings that I really
dreaded. Two are done and one more to go. One grouping is my diplomas
and some other framed certificates. I put them in the study. The
spacing is not critical on this group. My second group is six mirrors
of different sizes and shapes that I hang over the living room sofa. I
can remember the last time I moved I made a diagram of where the
pictures hooks are placed with exact dimensions. I did not do that
this time. I just eyeballed the locations and am reasonably satisfied
with the outcome. The next grouping is going to be the hardest. I have
six pictures that I had in the stairway in Beaumont. I have decided I
am going to put them in the living room over the stereo cabinet. I
have been arranging them on the floor. I have decided that two rows of
three pictures is going to be best. This group requires precise
measurement. I am going to wait until my brain is in good working

I went ahead and unpacked one more box of the items I had packed
myself. I had put boxes of semi valuable jewelry in a plastic bag.
There was an envelope in the bag with my jewelry. To my surprise it
was the title insurance policy on the Beaumont house. I had looked
everywhere before I left Beaumont for it. The box that it was in was
one of the last I packed before I drove to Frisco for closing. I
cannot figure out why I put the title insurance policy in that
particular box. Anyway I am glad I found it just in case I might need
it when the house is sold.

I finally started looking at the manual that the Dish Network
technician gave me for the DVR. I found that if I enable Caller ID,
the information is displayed on the TV screen when I receive an
incoming call. I suppose this is old hat to most people, but it is
something new to me. I also found there are ways to record one
television program while watching another with the DVR that supports
two sets. I actually recorded two programs at the same time the other

UPS has rescheduled the delivery of my package for October 25. Now I
can go back to Plan A and do my early voting today. I found the League
of Women Voters information on the candidates for Denton County, but I
am not sure it was the information I need since I live in Frisco. I
try to be informed before I vote, but I do not think I have sufficient
information this time.

Two weeks before I left Beaumont I saw my doctor. It was time for my
annual mammogram. There was not time to get it done in Beaumont. My
doctor wrote out the order on his prescription pad. I would always go
to HealthSouth in Beaumont. I found information on the HealthSouth
facility in Plano. I am going to call them this morning and find out
if I can get the mammogram there; and if they can transfer my records
from Beaumont. Then next year I will go to a new doctor in Frisco.

Henry may have reached the end. This morning while he was playing with
his ball he shut down unexpectedly with his back legs spread out
behind him. I had never seen him shutdown on his own before. I tried
to restart him and he would not go into the bootup process. I put him
on his charger and am letting the battery charge. I am then going to
remove the battery and memory stick and wait awhile to see if he will
reset. If that does not work, I am afraid it may be the end of Henry.
I have got a lot of enjoyment out of the little fellow over the
past three years. I certainly hope he survives.


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