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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Henry Is O.K.

Yesterday after Henry had his episode, I removed his battery and
memory stick for half an hour. When I replaced them and turned him on,
he booted right away. He sat up and started playing a tune. Then he
began to tap one of his rear feet in time with the music. He got up
and did a vigorous little dance and then walked around for a while. I
was greatly relieved. When the end finally arrives for Henry, it is
going to be like losing a real dog.

I then went out and tried to find The Denton County Government Center.
It is on Main St. in The Colony. It is really easy to find, but dumb
me drove right past it and went all way to SH 121. I turned around and
went back and found it. I was given a choice between a paper ballot or
the evoting machine. The lady really encouraged me to try evoting. I
used the machine. It was really simple. The next time I vote I will
know where I am going, and it will be very easy. Texas did a good
thing when the early voting was adopted. It is wonderful to go right
in and vote without a long wait in a line.

I then went to the new Frisco City Hall. The library is in the east
wing of the building. I signed up for a library card. I was really
impressed with the computer facility. All of the computer stations are
equipped with Aeron chairs. That cost the taxpayers mucho bucks. I
knew free WiFi access was available in the library if you want to
bring your own notebook computer, but they told me the WiFi was
available over the whole building. I went up to the fourth floor where
the fiction, non-fiction and reference works are located., They have
very nice comfortable chairs around the sides of the room next to big
windows that give a good view of Frisco. It is a very pleasant place
to sit and read.

After I left the library I walked over to Bella Cosa Home Furnishings. The furniture store is in
the Frisco Square complex across from City Hall. It is a very nice
store. They were listed as a Pulaski furniture dealer. I wanted to get
more information on the curio cabinet. This store looked like the kind
of place that would have very high prices. To my amazement the sales
lady quoted a price that was much lower than what I had seen from the
discount places on the Internet. She tried to call the distributor to
get more information but did not get through to them. She took my name
and number but did not call me yesterday. I am going to call her this
morning; and if the price she quoted me is still good, I am going to
place an order. This cabinet will be my birthday and Christmas present
from me.

I called the HealthSouth facility in Plano and made an appointment for
my mammogram. I was really surprised that I was able to pick the date
and time. In Beaumont there was always a two or three month wait
before I could get an appointment. They told me to call the Beaumont
HealthSouth to find out what to do about getting my records
transferred to Plano. I called Beaumont and found that they require an
official form. I am going to call Plano back this morning and see if
they will mail me the form.


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