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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


This morning I received an email from AT&T updating my services as a
result of my phone call last Friday. It took them five days to send
the email which is thirteen days faster than the snail mail I received
from them. The email confirmed they are removing the all inclusive
long distance service. It also said they were removing CallNotes Plus.
I tested my CallNotes immediately and it is still working. I want to
keep CallNotes. I never asked them to remove the service. They left
out what interests me the most. They did not say a word about what the
services I am subscribed to are going to cost. I cannot believe how I
have been treated by AT&T.

FedEx was estimating that they would deliver my package from L.L. Bean
today, but I looked at the tracking information and see that the date
has been set back to tomorrow.

Yesterday I went to the Cooper Aerobics Center in McKinney. Frisco
Lakes has purchased temporary memberships for the residents who have
moved in before the amenity center is completed. The facility is
really outstanding. They have all kinds of fitness machines, a spa, a
snack shop, clothing store, large swimming pool, indoor walking track
and padded outdoor walking track and much more. They also have
lectures and cooking demos on healthy eating. I am going to a lecture
next Monday on healthy grocery shopping. I might learn something
useful. There are also exercise classes.

This morning I unpacked my stereo components. My system is really old,
but they were very good quality and still sound good. I got the
receiver and speakers set up. I noticed after I had the receiver in
place that it was not sitting level. I had to take the receiver out
and try to adjust the shelf. I was not successful. I put the receiver
back in and reconnected cables. By then I was exhausted. I do not have
the turntable or tape deck connected to the receiver. It is nearly
impossible for me to reach behind the receiver and get the cables
connected in the correct places. I gave up. At least I can listen to
FM broadcasts. The speakers still work. I was able to find KERA the
most power NPR station in the Dallas area and listen to a program
while I fixed my lunch. I found that the open kitchen has the
advantage that I can hear the speakers in the living room while I work
in the kitchen.

I am ready to start hanging pictures. I had an envelope that I put
picture hooks in as I pulled them out of the wall in Beaumont. I know
I had that envelope with me and saw it several times here in the new
house. Now I can't find that envelope. I bought a couple of packets of
picture hooks at Wal-Mart, but I am going to need many more. I don't
know what is the matter with me.


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