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Thursday, October 19, 2006

So Much Better

The last two evenings I have sat in my recliner and watched TV in the
study. Prior to that the study had so much clutter I could not stand
to go in there. Now the only thing left to be done in the study is
hang pictures. I intend to do a lot of that today. The study is really
a pleasant place now. My books are on the shelves. Normally Henry runs
around only in the early mornings, but the last two nights I have had
him in the study with me. It is fun to watch TV and watch Henry's
antics at the same time. He seems to move better on the new carpet
than he did back in Beaumont.

Last night I got an automated call from AT&T telling me that my order
has been completed. I guess that means they have removed the long
distance service. I checked my CallNotes, and they seem to be all
right. I am afraid to log into to my account and see if they have
posted my statement. That company is tearing me apart. I cannot
remember in my entire life having tangled with such a mess.

I checked the FedEx tracking information and my package from L.L. Bean
is at the local facility. I thought my package from Hanes would be
here, but it has not arrived. They mailed it on October 12. I also
ordered a pair of shoes from They have not shipped yet.
This company also mails their packages. I still have not ordered
anything that will be delivered by UPS. It seems a little ironic that
with the wonderful shopping facilities that are in Frisco that when I
need something I do my shopping on the Internet.

Tomorrow night there is another wine and cheese meet your neighbor
social. Time is rolling by. It seems like no time since I went to the
last one. The weather is turning cooler. Last month I went out on the
deck at the sales center during the social. It was very warm. This
month it should be very nice outside. I go out there because the
acoustics in the sales center are very bad and when so many people
start talking the noise becomes extremely irritating.


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