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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Movin' On Up

Civilization is rapidly arriving in the cul-de-sac. Yesterday my mail
was delivered by a U.S. Mail truck. It was a smaller truck than was
used in Beaumont, but it just seemed better to have an official
looking vehicle deliver the mail rather than the little station wagon
that has been used up until now. I also saw a delivery van from UPS on
the street. I hope they can find their way back on Monday with my
package. The construction trash bins have been removed. Also,
yesterday, the landscaping company worked on the last section of
ground on the cul-de-sac that still lacks sod. The owners of all nine
houses have now closed, and the last two homeowners are in the midst
of the moving process.

I did not accomplish anything as far as getting the house settled
yesterday. I ran errands, and it took all morning. I made a trip to
the Frisco post office. My neighbor told me that she found the post
office in The Colony. She says it is must closer than the Frisco post
office. Early voting starts on Monday. I plan to go vote on Tuesday. I
have to go The Colony to vote so I will look for the post office at
that time.

I made my weekly excursion to Sam's and Wal-Mart. I really like their
complex where the two stores are side by side. I just wish they were
closer to Frisco Lakes. I was able to find everything that was on my
list. It always feels good when I can accomplish all of my shopping
and do not have to go to additional stores. My next stop was
Stonebriar Mall. I wanted to go to Radio Shack and buy one more phono
to stereo mini plug Y-connector. I looked up Radio Shack's location on
the Stonebriar Mall website before I left home. It was a good thing
that I did. I parked near Penney's and rode their escalator to the
second level. The Radio Shack was a short distance from Penney's
entrance. It can be exhausting to walk around that mall searching for
a store.

Last night my email friend, Mary, and her husband picked me up, and we
went to the wine and cheese meet your neighbor social. It seemed like
there were fewer people at this one. I saw many familiar faces. Last
month I had just moved into the house and was really suffering from
the chaos of the move. One man commented last night that I looked much
more relaxed. Four weeks have made a big difference in the way I feel.
In the first few days there were so many problems that I did not know
how I was going to cope. It is amazing how practically all of the
things that seemed so devastating have now been resolved.

I logged on to AT&T's website this morning. They are in the process of
preparing my monthly statement. The amount I owe is posted, but the
statement is not available. The amount that I owe is too low. It makes
me feel sick to think that I will probably have to call them again. It
makes me want to crawl under my bed and whimper. It may take several
more months before I start getting bills that are somewhat normal.


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