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Friday, October 20, 2006

Another Direction

No pictures were hung yesterday. I had given up on the stereo system
the day before without getting all the components connected. I went
back there and started working on it in a systematic manner. I have
all of the manuals and diagrams which were not clearly written. It
seems to me that today's manuals are much clearer. All of my
components were imported from Japan or Germany. I think the
instructions lost something in the translations. Anyway I finally got
the turntable connected and now am able to listen to my old records. I
have quite a few Broadway musicals with the original casts. I listened
to Oklahoma and really enjoyed it. I was not able to get the tape deck
to work. It does not receive power. The manual said either the power
supply or the cord is defective if it does not receive power. I tried
both a wall outlet and all of the outlets in the amplifier and none
worked. I suspect that a power surge back in Beaumont finished it off.
I cannot remember the last time I played a tape. It used to light up
when the amplifier was turned on.

While I was connecting things I added phono cables to the axillary
ports and connected them with a mini stereo Y-connector. Now I am able
to connect my iPod to the stereo. I can connect the iPod to the Bose
Wave radio in my bedroom, a pair of Bose powered speakers in the
second bedroom, my old Bose computer speakers in the study and a
connector in my car. I can now listen to my iPod no matter where I am.
I also tried connecting my little Sony shortwave radio to the system.
I looked for websites that listed stations transmitting on the
shortwave band. I was really surprised to see that the BBC World
Service no longer transmits to North America. We are supposed to hear
them through XM, Sirius or NPR. The world has changed.

FedEx delivered my package from LL Bean before 1 PM. I found it when I
went outside around 2 PM. My only problem with the delivery is the
driver did not ring the doorbell. The mailman brought my package from
Hanes. This morning I received a UPS tracking number from
I emailed UPS and sent them the same directions to my house that I had
sent to FedEx. I requested that they relay the directions to the local
terminal. That package is scheduled for Monday delivery.

One of the neighbors that moved in a couple of weeks ago came over for
a visit last night. I had met her at one of the wine and cheese
socials back in the summer. She had emailed me and sounded absolutely
overwhelmed by the moving process. I knew exactly what she was saying.
I have been reluctant to go over there and intrude while they were
caught up in the struggle. She said they still have lots to do, but I
could tell she had reached a point where she could take a little time
out. She and her husband are still working. I don't know how people
are able to keep working and move at the same time. I couldn't do it.


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