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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


The rain ended yesterday afternoon. The neighbor's daughter emailed me
yesterday and said the irrigation company had cut off the neighbors
sprinklers. Apparently they cannot remotely change the watering
program. The daughter will reprogram the controller this weekend so
all should be well. Wednesday is trash day. I could tell that my
sprinklers had done their thing this morning.

According the FedEx tracking information my package from L.L. Bean is
at a Dallas terminal. If all is going properly, it should be listed as
"Out for delivery" fairly soon. I exchanged a number of emails with
FedEx on Saturday and hopefully finally got the directions to my house
relayed to the local terminal. My neighbor said she finally got a
package that was delivered by UPS. She had quite a struggle. I hope
now that they found her that they will be able to find me.

Today is haircut day. This will be my second haircut in Frisco. It
feels better this time because I know what to expect. It has been a
very rough period facing so many new things. I most definitely do not
want to relive the past month.

I have decided I am going to have to get some kind of covering for the
patio door. I like the open look but am growing concerned about
privacy. The people who installed my plantation shutters suggested
that I consider window tinting. I am leaning in that direction but one
of the Pulte people had mentioned that window tinting voids the
warranty on the windows. I started reading about window tinting and
found that most of the places apply the films that are made my 3M
called Scotchtint. I really do not know how that harms the windows. I
emailed Meagan and asked her it it was true that the window warranty
would be voided. Meagan called the window vendor and wrote back that
it is true that the tinting film voids the warranty, but most of the
film installers provide their own warranty so it is up to me. I think
I will continue to collect data before I make a decision.


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