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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Still Here

My blog is sounding very repetitious. On Friday I fought another round
with AT&T after I got a notification of my new services dated
September 27 which was a result of my 1 hour and 4 minutes phone call
on September 25. There was no match between what I was told on the
phone about what my services would cost and what the letter said. I
had made the woman go over the charges four times on 9/25. When I
called on Friday, the woman I talked to said she could not figure out
how the previous rep. arrived at the figure I was given. I shed the
long distance service in order to reduce the cost. I am scared to
death of AT&T. They are extremely incompetent or just down right
crooked. I still have not seen a charge from Dish Network. I have a
neighbor who refuses to deal with AT&T--smart lady. She is using her
cell phone and got Dish Network directly. I have another one who tells
me AT&T has changed her phone number four times since she moved in
here. I have been a customer of Southwestern Bell--SBC--AT&T since
1968. I never had a problem until I made this move. It is
unbelievable. After the Friday phone call I asked that woman to email
a summary of my new charges because waiting two and a half weeks to
find out what they are doing to me is unreasonable. She said she could
do that. I have received no email.

Yesterday I went to Sam's and Wal-Mart. I thought I was going to be
able to use the new overpass over SH 121 on Preston, but it is not
open. I had seen a sign that the traffic pattern was changing on
October 12 and also had seen something on Frisco-Online. I think there
is a shift in the temporary lanes, but the overpass is not open. I did
my shopping early enough in the morning so that the traffic was not a

I am watching the weather report on CNN and seeing that Beaumont is
getting very heavy rain today. No one will be out looking at houses in
this weather. Every day I check the MLS listings for houses in my
category in Beaumont. The list just keeps growing and nothing has
sold. It is looking like I made a bad mistake by not trying to sell
before I moved. Houses were selling like hotcakes all summer long but
the sales dried up as soon as I listed my house. I keep telling myself
to be patient.

I placed another order with L.L. Bean. Yesterday morning I got the new
tracking number. I decided to email FedEx again and ask them to send
the directions to my house to the local terminal. They found my house
last week, but I decided to go ahead and err on the safe side.

I unpacked three more boxes yesterday morning but have not found
permanent places for the contents. I have more little stacks on the
floor. I hate little stacks. I had disposed of quite a few stacks on
Friday which gave me the courage to open more boxes. I wish I had
x-ray vision and could see what is in the boxes before I open them.

I bought a couple of paperback books at Sams yesterday. I have done no
reading since I moved. I still have a large number of Robert Ludlum's
books to read. I bought all of his books last February. I have read
more than half of them. I also have a stock of new releases in
paperback that I have been picking up at Sam's. Now that my bargain
online bookstore,, has closed its virtual doors, I am
totally dependent on Sam's for cheap books. I have missed out on some
new releases from the authors that I follow because of being
distracted by the move. When spring arrives, I intend to put on my new
swimming suit and go sit by the pool and read my accumulation of


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