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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

No Walk This Morning

I am settling into a routine, and that is making me feel better. I get
up at the regular time. I make a cup of coffee and take my vitamin. I
work on the computer. Then I fix make breakfast. I make my bed and
take my bath. Then I open the plantation shutters before I go for my
walk. This morning I opened the shutters on the east side of the
house. The window pane was all wet. The first thought that came into
my mind was the neighbors' lawn sprinklers have gone berserk.
Yesterday the neighbor on the other side came up and asked me if I had
a key to their house since I am looking after their mail. I said no
but I had the daughter's phone numbers. Their sprinklers are watering
at crazy times and running much too long. The ground is soggy between
our houses. The daughter had told me the irrigation company that
installed the sprinklers can change the program without going in the
house. I don't know how but in this age of technological wonders I
suppose it is possible. The other neighbor got in touch with the
daughter, and she is supposed to call the irrigation company.

Anyway this morning I started looking out more windows. I noticed
water was gushing out of one of the downspouts. I started looking at
the construction workers cars and the street. All were wet. It finally
dawned on me. It is raining in Frisco! I must be getting senile. I
have forgotten what rain looks like. There were two good rains when I
first moved in, but it must be well over two weeks since it rained. I
decided to cancel the walk due to rain. I thought about putting on my
raincoat and going anyway, but my dedication waived.

When I came up for closing, I brought three boxes with me. They
contained some of my most valuable small items. I had opened one of
the three boxes a few days ago. This morning, I opened the last two. I
was shocked at some of the items that came out of those boxes, and I
had not missed them at all, but I manage to worry a great deal about a
missing shoe horn, a plastic waste basket and my Christmas wreath. I
had made detailed inventories of boxes 1-12 that I packed myself, but
boxes 13-15 were packed in the last minute rush, and I had not listed
their contents. Boxes 16-18 were packed with my filing cabinet
contents and other important papers. I disposed of boxes 17 and 18 in
a hurry because they contained file folders that went right back in
the file cabinet. Box 16 contains some very important papers. I have
unpacked only half the contents of Box 16.

All of the Mayflower packed boxes inside the house are unpacked except
the dish pack that contains my stereo components. I watched that box
being packed and did not like the way it was done. The components are
stacked on top one another with what I thought was insufficient
padding between each piece. The boxes labeled "books" and all of my
garage items are still in boxes in the garage. Then there are the
twelve boxes that contain my figurines, china and crystal. Those will
be the very last to be opened.

I just turned on the TV to see if the rain had caused the dish to lose
the satellite signal. I still have a picture so all is well.


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