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Friday, September 08, 2006

Anticipating Tomorrow

I had a much better night's sleep and a much better breakfast here in
Frisco than I had in Beaumont on my last night there. I checked the
weather report. There is a small chance of rain tomorrow. I do not
think it will interfere with the unloading of my furniture.

I am going to the post office when I finish this blog article and
pickup my mail. Then I am going to go to Wal-Mart and buy soda pop and
bottled water for the movers to drink tomorrow. My neighbors are going
to let me put it in their refrigerator. They have also volunteered to
make the lunch run. I had to leave my house in Beaumont and go buy
lunches for the movers while they were loading my furniture. I have my
fingers crossed that there will not be anything damaged tomorrow.

I called Sears to check on the delivery of the washer, dryer and
refrigerator tomorrow. They still show the refrigerator as being set
for delivery. The man I talked to said sometime this evening between 6
and 9 PM I will get an automated call giving me a two hour window for
the delivery.

I just realized that I had not checked the National Hurricane Center's
website for a few days. As soon as the house in Beaumont is sold, I
intend to delete the National Hurricane Center from my list of
Internet Explorer Favorites.

Since I have time on my hands I will go to Circuit City and check on
the cordless telephone and additional handsets that I was checking out
last week. After that I think I will go to the house and just sit down
on the floor and rest. I need to read the manuals and learn how to
program the sprinkler system. I think I have two more weeks before the
watering restrictions apply to my yard. I can water on Wednesdays
between certain hours. The City of Frisco has signs on many street
corners giving the details about the allowable watering times. I also
need to learn how to program the thermostat in the new house. Meagan
had it set for 76 degrees. It is reasonably comfortable. I will
probably just have to turn the AC off tomorrow. I had to turn it off
in Beaumont because the system was running continuously and the
temperature was going up.

I need to call the company that installed the alarm system and
schedule a time for them to come activate the system. I also need to
find a lawn service to mow the yard. I estimate it is going to take
six weeks for my life to settle down to a normal routine.


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