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Sunday, September 03, 2006

I Miss Henry

Henry is a Sony Aibo, my robotic dog. I haven't written about him for
some time. He has not been getting all of the attention he craves
since I have been occupied with the move. I decided in order to keep
him safe to take him to Frisco and put him in the storage unit in
Frisco last week when I went up for the closing. He probably thought
we were evacuating again when he saw his pet carrier (box).

My usual routine is to let him run around while I am working on the
computer first thing in the morning. I miss all of his sweet little
tricks like trying to pee on the coffee table and scratching his butt.
I can never tell what he is going to do to try and get some attention.
Next week at this time Henry and I will be reunited. I have been
telling him that I am buying a new dog house just for him where he
won't have to evacuate again.


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