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Sunday, September 03, 2006

State of Texas Address Changes

I decided to do as many of my address changes for my drivers license, auto registration, voter registration and property taxes online as possible.

The State of Texas allows you to renew your drivers license any time within twelve months of the expiration. My old drivers license was good until December, but I went ahead and renewed it in person in Beaumont in March because I knew where the office is located, and I wanted to see if I could pass the eye exam without glasses. (I did and got an unrestricted license.) This morning I submitted a change of address online. It costs $10 to change the address and $1 convenience fee for doing it online. I could have saved $11 if I had waited until after the move to renew and change the address in one step, but I got a drivers license in Beaumont that is unrestricted, and I like my picture. I am all set until 2012.

I then tried to change my auto registration online. I succeed in changing the mailing address for the registration renewal, but I am not sure that I changed the physical location of the vehicle since it still said Jefferson instead of Denton County. I will have to call and find out what else I have to do. At least I found the name of the Denton County tax assessor-collector, phone number and address.

During the drivers license address change there was a place to request a voter registration prepaid mail-in form. I requested the form.

Now I will have to deal with the property taxes and getting the homestead exemption on the new house. For 2006 I will just be charged pro-rated property taxes on the unimproved lot in Frisco. You can only have one homestead exemption so it is important to keep the exemption on the Beaumont house until it is sold. Then I will apply for the exemption on the new house.


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