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Monday, September 04, 2006

The Weather

I am almost afraid to write this because I fear I might jinx the good
weather reports I just saw. Beaumont is supposed to be sunny on
Wednesday, the day the movers load. The high temperature is forecast
to be 89. Right now at 2:45 PM it is only 72 degrees with light rain
in Frisco. It appears the terrible heat wave in Dallas has finally
been broken. Friday is to be sunny in Frisco and there is a small
chance of isolated showers on Saturday. I still do not know which day
my furniture will be unloaded. I am hoping for Friday. I want to get
this move completed as quickly as possible.

It is time for me to quit working today. I am getting forgetful and
wasting my energy. I raced downstairs because I wanted to make sure I
had shut off the water to the washing machine. It was already turned
off. I had done it this morning when my clothes finished. Then I
remembered I wanted to take my scissors with me. The scissors were not
in their usual place. I looked at my notebook. I had packed the
scissors yesterday and written where I had put them in my notebook. I
don't dare misplace that notebook.

I still have not figured out how to manage the return of the digital
cable box and cable modem. I want to see Big Brother tomorrow night.
The Beaumont Time Warner office is open unit 5:30 PM. If the movers
finish in time I will make the return on Wednesday. Otherwise I will
have to wait until 9 AM on Thursday for them to open. That will delay
my departure for Dallas. I would like to leave Beaumont at 7 AM on
Thursday morning. I am spending Wednesday night in a hotel in


  • At 7:46 PM, Blogger That Cleaning Lady said…

    Try some Goo-Gone on those 3m stickers in the kitchen, that stuff is a wonder at removing sticky stuck-on stuff.
    Also, how about asking Big Brother to return the cable box? That way you won't delay your departure!


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