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Saturday, September 02, 2006


This morning I feel like I can barely remember my own name. I will
retell the events of the last two days.

After the closing on Thursday I took my brand new house keys to a
locksmith and had one additional key made. I was supposed to give the
key to the man from the shutter company. As I was about to get in my
car after having the key made, my cell phone rang. It was the man from
the shutter company. He said he would be unable to meet me and wanted
me to leave the key with my sales associate. I tried to call my sales
associate with no success. She is always out showing prospects through
the model homes. I went back to the house and tried the new key. It
worked fine. Meagan came running up and asked if she could bring an
electrician in. She said they had just found that some of the ovens
had been wired incorrectly and could they check mine. My oven was
pulled out from the wall and the wiring problem was fixed. I told
Meagan my problem with getting the key to the shutter people. That
little angel volunteered to take the key and deal with the shutter
people. She will be around the cul-de-sac every day helping the rest
of the neighbors with their walk throughs and correcting any glitches.
I notified the shutter people how to contact her.

I went back to the hotel and packed my things so I would be ready to
leave early the next morning. All I did Thursday evening was watch TV.
I did email Wald Mayflower and asked them to confirm that everything
was set for the move.

I was really dreading the drive back to Beaumont. I was afraid that it
being the Friday of the Labor Day weekend the traffic would be
terrible. To my surprise the rush hour traffic getting out of Dallas
seemed lighter than I had experienced before. I45 going south seemed
like it was deserted. It was lighter than on Sunday. The traffic all
the way to Conroe was lighter than normal. Around Huntsville the north
bound lanes were almost bumper to bumper. People were escaping
from Houston and going north. The worst part of the trip was when I
got on 105 from Conroe to Beaumont. It is the time of year for those
nasty bugs people call the love bugs. It almost sounded like rain
hitting my car. My windshield was so plastered it hampered my vision.
When I got home, my car looked like it had grown a beard because there
are so many bugs on the front.

My car is far from new, and I had never seen the low fuel light
indicator come on before. I decided not to go all the way home and to
stop for gas and a few groceries before I went home (temporary home).
I think my car still had 3.5 gallons of gasoline left. Now I know at
what point the light comes on.

I went home and fixed my lunch. Then I went back out to the post
office and picked up the mail that was held while I was gone. I also
gave them the permanent change of address card. When I got back home,
I turned on my computer. There was an email from my estimator at Wald
Mayflower. He confirmed that the packers will be here on Tuesday and
the van will load on Wednesday. He said they would be here before 10
AM both days. I checked my credit card and saw that my available
credit had dropped by the amount of the moving estimate. I have
printed out driving directions for the moving van driver to Frisco Lakes and a map that shows
the location of my house. I also found information put out by the City
of Frisco that explains the detour around Lebanon Road and the tollway
starting on September 6. Eventually the new roads around Frisco Lakes
will be completed but patience will be required for some time while
the roads are under construction.

The realtor's assistant will be out this morning to pick up my key and
the documents that I was requested to provide. My realtor asked if I
had a survey of the house. I said that I only had the original survey
that was done in 1987 when I purchased the house. She said it was
probably too old. When I closed on the new house, the lady told me
about the survey. I asked about the survey on the old house. She said
it could probably be updated and save me some money. I made a copy of
the old survey when I got home. I emailed my realtor and told her I
was sending her the survey and try to save me some money.

I decided the best way to handle the phones in the new house is to get
one of the new cordless digital phones that runs on the 5.8 GHz band
that will not interfere with the WiFi router. I looked at Consumer
Reports and found the top rated model that will meet my requirements.
The top model is made by Uniden and supports up to ten handsets. I
then checked Pricegrabber to find the lowest price. Circuit City has
the best price on the handsets but are high on the base station. Sam's
Club has the base phone for the best price, but the phone is only
available online. They ship by UPS. I can imagine it is going to be a
hassle to get UPS and FedEx trained to find my street. I think I will
email them and ask them if their system recognizes it before I place
an order.

I have 3 boxes left from the 18 box bundle that I bought at Sam's Club
way back in April. I am going to use the last three to take files that
contain financial information. I printed out an article from Consumer
Reports that lists what documents should be kept and a time
retention table. I have kept way too much, but it could be damaging in
the wrong hands. That is why I am going to transport as much as
possible myself. I do not fully trust the lock on my file cabinet. I
have decided after I finish unpacking everything, I am going to
move the shredder next to my easy chair and start shredding paper in
the evenings while I am watching TV.


  • At 2:22 AM, Blogger That Cleaning Lady said…

    When you get settled in Beautmont, I hope you'll look up the Blog: Under The News. Ron Franscell is the editor of the Beaumont Newspaper and a heck of an author and blog writer too.
    Congrats on the move, I never heard of anyone as organized and together as you. I hope you're almost done unpacking in your new place and ready to start relaxing!!
    Take a hot bath and drink lots of water to ease all that stree-induced dehydration!! GoodLuck

  • At 2:24 AM, Blogger That Cleaning Lady said…

    Well, I'm corrected, I understand you are moving from Beaumont, but hope you'll look up the blog all the same and say hello to Ron!!
    Good luck with your shutters and telephone. Hope that oven is right too!


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