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Sunday, September 03, 2006

I Am Tired (Again)

Yesterday I did not accomplish a great deal. I spent most of the day
just sitting, watching TV and using the computer. Today I tackled my
important papers. It was my last biggest worry. I taped my last three
boxes and started around the house. I gathered everything such as
boxes of checks, the contents of my safe deposit box, closing papers
and put them in the first box. Then I started on the file cabinet. The
contents of that cabinet were my biggest worry. I filled the first
box. I only loaded the box to the point where I could still carry it
without hurting my back and put it in the car. I continued carrying
folders downstairs and put them in the box in the trunk of the car.
When the box was full. I taped it shut. I continued on the same
procedure with the second and third boxes. To my amazement I got
everything out of the file cabinet and into the boxes. My hanging file
folders take up a lot of the drawer space in the filing cabinet. The
folders of papers are not as large a volume as I imagined. I am not
going to try and lift the boxes. I bought a box cutter and have it in
the center console in my car. I will drive into the garage of the new
house. slit the boxes open and carry the folders into the house an
armload at a time. I am determined to get through this move without
getting injured. Now I hope I have not overloaded the car trunk. Paper
is so heavy. I made notes in my notebook as to the contents of each
box so I will not have too much difficulty locating something if the
need arises.

I locked the file cabinet. I have two metal file boxes. I looked at
what is in them. They contain really old papers from the 1960's and
70's. I found the key for each of the boxes and locked them.

I wrapped up my Hewlett Packard scanner. I had several things to scan
yesterday so I was glad I did not take it to Frisco on the last trip.
I wrapped it in a garbage bag. I am going to put it on the floor of
the back seat. I am also going to take my laser printer and WiFi
router. The DSL modem that AT&T is going to provide is also a WiFi
router. I am hoping there is someway I can still use my dLink router
because it has the print server feature. I can move about the house
with my notebook computer and still send things over the WiFi network
to the printer. I am glad the AT&T technician is going to handle the
DSL and WiFi setup. I do not need one of those sessions where I bang
my head against the wall and stay on the phone for an eternity with
tech. support.

I have a mess in my kitchen. I had five tools--manual can opener, jar
opener, corkscrew, scissors and church key that hung on the wall. Each
had its own unique little bracket that was glued to the wall. It is so
handy to have those tools hanging near the kitchen sink. I bought them
when I lived in Houston. I remember taking the brackets off the wall
when I left there. I don't remember the mess. They kept falling off
the wall here in Beaumont. I tried super glue and several other
adhesives. I finally found a double-sided foam tape made by 3M that
held. I could hardly pull the brackets off. They were glued to ceramic
tile. Now I have scrapped with a razor blade, scoured will a Brillo
pad, and used my Black & Decker Scumbuster on the remains of the tape.
I have one of five well cleaned off. I exhausted myself working on it.
I am not going to glue those tools to the wall in my new house. I have
learned my lesson.

I have a Black & Decker electric can opener that is mounted under the
cabinet. I am going to leave it. I did a little browsing for a new can
opener. I found one that is made by Cuisinart that looks very nice.
After I am in the new house I will order it from

I have made a list of the remaining tasks. Tomorrow is the last day to
be by myself before strangers come into my home and tear my life
apart. I checked my credit card and the charge for the move has
already posted before they perform their service. The charge came from
Aero Mayflower, Fenton, Missouri. I hope I am not getting a crew from
Missouri. I was promised that it would be Wald people from Houston.
Mayflower is headquartered some place in Missouri so this may be
normal operating procedure.

I have reduced the amount of food on hand so there will be very little
to throw out. I am now eating tuna fish sandwiches and soup. I will
make one last trip to the store tomorrow morning to buy some bottled
water and soft drinks. I am also going to buy Lean Cuisine frozen
pizzas that are individual size. I can put them on a paper plate and
eat with my fingers for my last meal while the furniture is being

Tomorrow I will do my last load of laundry in my old washing machine.
If all goes well I will have my new machines and refrigerator on next
Saturday. Sears' crazy website has been showing my refrigerator as in
stock for the past 3 or 4 days. It was last Sunday that they showed it
out of stock.


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