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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Survived Packing Day

It is Tuesday evening. I am without Internet access and will not be
able to post this until tomorrow night when I am in the hotel. I wrote
a blog article this morning when I first got up. I had been told the
packers would arrive by 10 AM. At 9:30 I was getting worried. I called
my estimator and left a message on his cell phone voice mail. A little
after ten I called Chris, the scheduler. She said she would call and
find out why the packers had not arrived. She called back shortly and
said the dispatcher said the packers were running late. I asked how
late and told her I wished she could be a little more definitive. She
said she would get the packers cell phone number and find out when
they would arrive. A little later I received a call from the boss of
the packing crew. They were out on I10 near Hampshire. They finally
arrive at 10:40.

The packers were a three man crew. This is the first time I have had
an all male packing crew. Somehow I just feel better having a woman
pack my kitchen contents. Anyway this group consisted of an older man
who had worked for Wald Mayflower for 31 years. He knew what he was
doing. There was a man in his 30's or early 40's and the third was a
shy young guy who was probably around 20. It turned out the young man
was the chief packer's son. They were very efficient and finished
around 3:30. I would never have thought they could have done so much
in such a short time. They used 83 boxes. The estimate had been for
109. I know I had many more boxes when I moved here. My car would not
fit in the garage because of the boxes. Kitchen boxes were put in the
garage because there was not enough room to sit them in the kitchen. I
think my things are packed in the boxes much tighter this time. I
believe since on the last move my employer had to pay for the boxes
used they padded the bill with extra boxes. This time I had a fixed
bid so it was to their advantage to use a smaller number of boxes.
There are a lot of scams to watch for when you are moving. I have a
mover with one of the best reputations I could find.

The packers did not have the crate for the grandfather clock with
them. The boss looked at his list and said another crew would be
bringing the crate. I was relieved when I got a phone call from the
craters. They were just leaving Houston. I gave them directions. They
showed up around one o'clock. They measured the clock and built the
crate in my garage. The last time I moved the packers brought the
crate with them. Wald does things differently. They wrapped the clock
before they put it in the crate. It looked like a mummy.

My estimator finally called, and he told me their computer was showing
that my goods would be delivered on Saturday. He said the driver might
tell me that it would be Friday, but the computer says Saturday.

The Beaumont Time Warner office stays open until 5:30 PM. I put the
digital cable box, remote and cable modem in the car and drove
downtown. The parking lot was full. I parked on a side street. I then
carried the items in my arms and walked a half block back to the
office. I barely fit in the door. The woman in front of me told me it
was her third trip to the office today. On her previous two trips the
line was out the door and she left. I found out how the other half
lives while standing there. The line was full of people who pay their
bills in cash. They probably don't have checking accounts or credit
cards. Imagine the U.S. Post Office at its worst and then triple the
image, and you will begin to get the picture of what I faced. They had
four windows, but only two were staffed. A woman was at the first
window. I don't know how long she had been there, but it took 20
minutes before she was finished. The other cashier was tied up for
about ten minutes. Then two of her friends walked in and walked right
up to the window. She stopped to chat while all the people stood in
the line. I put the cable box and modem on the floor and shoved them
along with my foot because I could not stand to hold them.

Finally after more than forty minutes in line I got to the window.
This was the woman with the friends. She looked up the serial numbers
on the box and modem on the computer. Then she said I owed $13.52 for
the five days. My normal bill runs $112. I was almost willing to pay
any amount just to get my receipt and get out of there.

I stopped at McDonald's and got a grilled chicken sandwich. I weakened
and got French fries. I have not eaten their French fries in more than
a year. When I got home I got my step ladder and went to every closet,
cabinet and shelf and checked that the packers had not missed
anything. I found a few items. I had saved some plastic grocery bags
and put the items in the bags and stuffed them in the trunk of the

The good thing is the cable is still working tonight. I am without
digital cable and Internet, but I can see Big Brother.

The weather was wonderful today. The temperature was 80 degrees when I
returned the cable equipment. A light rain started as I drove back
home. The rain is supposed to end tonight and the humidity is supposed
to be low tomorrow. I consider myself very fortunate.

Next morning

I managed to stuff all of my bedding in the one box the packers left
for it. They did not leave any tape. I hope the driver has tape. Also
last time I moved I think the packers left the boxes for the mattress
and box springs. There are none this time. The driver may bring those.

The packers drank all of my soda pop. I have to go out as soon as it
gets light and buy more. I also have to buy my breakfast. This is a
very difficult ordeal for me. I am actually trembling. I want this day
to be over.


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