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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Close to Being the Worst Day of My Life

I thought it was going to be a good day when the moving van driver
called at 9 AM and said he would be there between 9:30 and 10. At 9:30
my doorbell rang and the Mayflower driver was standing there and said
he could not bring his truck onto my street. He could not make the
turn without hitting the lamp or destroying other property. He said he
had an 18 wheeler. I said an 18 wheeler moved me in and 18 wheelers
have moved many people on my street over the years. He said he would
give it another try. I thought they really sent me a dud.

The story gets worse and worse. My estimator got involved he said they
only thing to do was hire a shuttle for an additional $820. I had
already spent $6,000. I said I asked you specifically if you foresaw
any problems loading at my Beaumont house. I asked all four estimators
that question. I said I do not want my furniture put on a small truck
and transferred to the big truck. I said can I get a refund--just pay
for the packing. He said yes. I wanted to call Mr. Olson at A-OK
Movers in Beaumont.My telephone book was packed and I had no Internet.
I ran across the street and borrowed a phone book. Mr. Olson is in the
hospital. Its a good thing I didn't hire him.

In the meantime the driver had an idea. He said for $400 more they
would walk my furniture from my house to the big truck some 250 ft. I
absolutely detested this idea but had no choice. That Mayflower van
was mammoth. At 11 AM they finally started my move. They finished at
7:45, The packers did not properly pack one of my lamps. They were
supposed to leave the mattress boxes. They did not. My mattress and
box springs were put in used boxes. No telling what kind of mattress
was previously in it. Makes me sick.

I had made a reservation to stay at the Hampton Inn tonight. I did not
guarantee it with a credit card. When I got to the hotel my room was
gone, the hotel was completely full. There is a Candlewood Suites
right behind the Hampton Inn. The clerk called over there. They had a
smoking room for $40 more than I was going to pay for Hampton Inn. I
took it. The room reeks of cigarette smoke.

The moving crew damaged the wall in my old house when they got in a
hurry. I am scared to death to see the condition of my furniture when
it is unloaded. My crew is Hispanic, and they spoke Spanish all day.
Who knows what they were saying.

The only bright spot I can think of is tomorrow night I will be in
Frisco. I sincerely hope I never have to return to Southeast Texas.
Enough is enough.


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