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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Things are slowing down here in Beaumont. The only things that I can work on right now are changing more addresses and packing two or three more boxes to take to the storage unit. I was relieved to see that a credit authorization was obtained on my credit card yesterday for the monthly rental on the storage unit. Last month I was not charged automatically and had to call.
The photographer and my realtor's assistant from Coldwell Banker came out yesterday and took pictures and measured my house. The photographer took approximately 70 still shots and then used a fisheye lens to take 360 degree pictures that will be converted to the virtual tour. Later in the day he emailed me the nine pictures that they will use on several websites when the listing becomes active. I uploaded the pictures to Smugmug: Beaumont House – For Sale.
I received an email yesterday that a photography club is being formed at Frisco Lakes. I signed up right away. I have been waiting for that group to form. They will be doing things to help people improve their skills, having field trips, etc. I hope I learn some new things. With the digital SLR I am not restrained by the cost of film and can do lots of experimenting to learn more about photography.
I have now signed up for five Frisco Lakes clubs. I am afraid I might over extend myself, but all five are activities in which I am really interested. I am going to restrain myself from joining anymore until I found out how much time is required for the ones I have already joined.
I have received several letters confirming my address change from financial firms. Some say they are mailing notifications to both my old and new address as a security measure. It is good to know they are concerned. I will probably have a stack of mail waiting at the Frisco post office.


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