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Saturday, August 12, 2006


Nineteen days until closing on the new house. Yesterday I received a call from a lady named Megan who said she would conduct my new house orientation on August 28 and be my customer relations manager throughout the period that the house is under warranty. I told her some of my current concerns. She said she would look into them. Within a short time she called me back. She had contacted three different people in a very short time. If she is always this responsive, we are going to get along well.
FedEx delivered the swimsuit I ordered from L.L. Bean. I tried it on and was relieved that it fit well. I had checked my measurements against the sizing information very carefully before placing my order. This time the size tables were accurate.
When I was younger, I used to clean the whole house in a day. Now I find it is better to break the cleaning into smaller tasks. Yesterday I cleaned bathrooms. Today I am going to dust. The realtor left me with instructions on how to get things ready for the photographer. I am trying comply with the instructions for the picture taking on Tuesday. After the pictures are taken, I will pack the things I want to take to the storage unit when I drive up to Frisco on August 27.
I keep going back to the lists I have put together in my notebook. There are so many things I have to leave for the last week before the move. I am really dreading that time.


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