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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Ordeal Is Over

I was right to be worried about getting the freezer out of the utility room. The washer and dryer had to be moved around and there was less than 1/4 inch to spare on either side of the freezer as it came through the door. There is a gouge in the door frame of the utility room. It is not obvious if you are standing in the hallway and looking into the utility room. I cannot complain. It was an awful job for the men to remove the freezer. The freezer dripped a little water onto the hallway carpet, but I do think it did any harm. I doubt if they are many eighteen year old houses with fewer scars on them than mine. My mother told me all too frequently  when I was a child that "if you do not take care of what you have, you will never have anything." Her words have echoed in my head my whole life. Every time my house, furniture or car is scratched or marred it hurts me. The washer and dryer did not receive any damage. I just hope the washer drain hose is positioned correctly. If the drain hose is not just right, water can syphon from the washer. I will be using those machine for three or four more weeks.
The television left an indentation in the carpet in the living room. I ran the vacuum over it and it does not look too bad. The shelves are out of the garage. The Christmas tree and stand are gone. I have to clean the utility room floor and the garage floor where the shelves were located, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.
The doors were open long enough to raise the temperature in the house. The air conditioner is running continuously to get back to its set point. I hope a miracle happens and the temperature is lower when I move. I am afraid I will have to turn the air conditioner off both here in Beaumont and in the new house because there is no way either house will stay cool while the doors are open while the furniture is going in or out. I pity the moving men. I also pity me as I watch the process.


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