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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Doctors

This morning I paid my last visit to my Beaumont dentist for my six month checkup and cleaning. My dentist gave me the name of a classmate of his from the class of '83 at the UT Dental Branch Houston. When I got home, I did a search in the Frisco Online forums for this dentist. I found at least two dozen people giving this dentist high praise. I called his office and made an appointment for February 8, 2007. I always make my appointment six months in advance.
After the hygienist cleaned my teeth, she took my blood pressure. She was rather alarmed because it was much higher than my blood pressure had ever been before. I found the cleaning to be particularly painful this morning and that may have contributed to the increased pressure and also I am under stress due to the move. I decided to go ahead and make an appointment with the doctor who specializes in internal medicine that I had found in Frisco. I thought I might be able to fit in an appointment during the five days that I will be in Frisco for the walk through and closing. He did not have an opening for a new patient so I went ahead and made an appointment for the week after the move. I thought it was best to get established with a doctor as soon possible. I am healthy, but at my age things start to happen.
The Salvation Army just called me. They got their truck a day earlier than we had planned and wanted to know if they could come out today. I told them it was all right with me. This is actually very good to go ahead and get this over with. I will not have to sit around and wait for them tomorrow.


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