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Saturday, June 16, 2007

More Than a Week

Someone recently told me that time goes by much faster when you get old. It must be true because I was rather shocked to see a whole week has gone by since I last wrote anything for the blog. The week was filled with the usual canasta game on Monday and the bridge game on Friday. On Wednesday night the mayor of Frisco came to Frisco Lakes and made a presentation on the state of the city. In the late 80's the population of Frisco was under four thousand and now it is between 95 and 100 thousand. It is rather amazing how so much growth has taken place in such a short time. There is a lot that is very good about Frisco. The worst problem the city faces is building roads fast enough to keep pace with the population growth. Of course, the residents were very interested in what the mayor had to say about the expansion of FM 423. He indicated it would be 2011 before 423 is complete. That was something we did not want to hear.
On Thursday a friend and I were going to have lunch at Josephine's and use the gift certificate I had won as a door prize. I tried to make a reservation on Wednesday and again on Thursday morning. Both times I got a message that said to leave my name and phone number, which I did the first time, and they would call back. I got no call. When we got to Josephine's, there was a sign on the door that said they were closed for several days for remodeling. That was very strange considering that they are in a brand new location. I am wondering if I will ever get to use the gift certificate. Anyway we decided to go to the mall to have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory which is a favorite of mine. I had their lunch-size salad that was so large that I had them pack what I could not eat, and it was enough for dinner, too. We bought one slice of chocolate, Oreo cookie, mudslide pie cheesecake and took it home and split it. It is nice to have a thin friend who does not mind indulging in something so decadent.
Last night I went to the Meet Your Neighbor social. I really enjoyed this one. I am getting acquainted with a number of people through the Frisco Lakes activities. Although I did leave a half an hour before the function officially ended. The acoustics in the ballroom are very bad, and after an hour and a half of being subjected to the noise level, I began to feel light headed. This has happened two or three times at these functions.
This morning I went back to hear a nutritionist talk about nutrition for older adults. I can't say I heard anything that I hadn't heard before. I tend to eat canned vegetables more than fresh or frozen vegetables. I know the canned vegetables contain too much salt. I am going to try to switch and buy more frozen vegetables.
I am getting ready for the outdoor swimming pool to open. I got a new swimming suit, which I have not worn, last summer. This week a beach jacket and a swimming cap arrived. I got one of those old fashioned caps that is covered with rubber flowers. I also ordered a pair of flip flops which are back ordered, but they should be here in time for the pool opening.
This morning I ordered the Bridge for Dummies book from They had an offer that gave $10 off if you signed up for Google Checkout. Google stores your credit card and address information. When you make a purchase from a merchant who participates in the Google Checkout program you just give your Google login and the merchant never sees your credit card information. I listened to Leo LaPorte and Steve Gibson on Security Now. They seem to favor the Google checkout as a good security measure. Anyway I got $10 off my book order.


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