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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Bad Weather

The field trip to the Fort Worth Zoo was canceled because we are under a severe storm watch.  My NOAA weather radio alarmed at 4:49 AM. I hate to wake up to that alarm. We are going to try to go to the zoo next Wednesday. I had practiced opening and closing the tripod and using the quick release plate assembly to attach the camera. I had the 70-300 mm lens attached to the camera. I had my large travel purse that is has a nice center compartment that is large enough for the SLR camera with the long lens all packed. Now I will have to go through all the preparation again next Wednesday.
UPS is supposed to deliver a package today. Now I will be home when the package arrives. I don't like to have a package sitting out on the porch. I have not heard of anything being taken, but still it is not a good idea to leave things on the porch for any length of time.
I am starting to read again. I read John Sandford's Broken Prey last week, and I finished Jame's Patterson's 4th of July yesterday. I bought both of those books a year ago.
The NOAA radio has alarmed again. This time it is a warning--not a watch. I am going to shut the computer down.


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