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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Better Weather Today

The storm was very ferocious yesterday. My caladiums were hit hard. Most of them have holes in their leaves. Otherwise my house and landscaping came through all right. A tree in front of my next door neighbor's house was uprooted for the third time since we have lived here. Pulte had really done a good job of wiring it in place the last time it fell down. This time the root ball came out of the ground and the tree is leaning, but at least it did not fall over.
I checked the status of my account with the Frisco water department, and they have not credited my last payment which my bank delivered electronically on May 29. I have paid every bill since I moved here with my online banking and every time the credit showed up the next day. Now two days have gone by. Yesterday I thought they may be running a day late because of the holiday, but since it still was not credited this morning I have decided I better call and see if I can get the situation corrected.
All my favorite CBS TV shows are now in the re-run season. My reading has accelerated. Yesterday I started Jonathan Kellerman's Gone. I checked my favorite author's websites to see if I have missed any new paperback releases during the past year. I think I have managed to buy all the new releases. Every time I go to Sam's I check for new books. Since shut their virtual doors, I am dependent on Sam's for cheap, new paperbacks.


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