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Friday, June 08, 2007

New Thumb Drive

The Sandisk 8 gb Cruzer Contour arrived yesterday. I connected it to the Canon AIO printer and read the printer manual on how to scan a document to an USB device. It was very simple--not very many buttons to press. The display on the printer told me it was safe to disconnect when the document was saved. I then connected the Cruzer to the computer and copied my document to the computer. Adobe Reader got an update yesterday to version 8.1 which is supposed to be fully Vista capable. I opened the PDF document that the printer produced in Adobe Reader. This is a much easier way to scan than connecting the scanner to the computer like I used to do. The computer has gone a whole week without any hangs or other problems. Palm will soon release a Vista compliant version of their Desktop software. If Apple/Microsoft/Intel would fix the iTunes problem with the SATA disk drives, I will be back to normal. sent an email that said they were refunding $10.15 to me because of the Sandisk Cruzer Contour price drop. The credit has already posted to my credit card. I am very happy with the service I have received from Amazon.


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