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Friday, June 01, 2007

This and That

Yesterday morning I called the Frisco water department. The lady I spoke with said her computer showed they had received my payment on May 29, and my account balance is $0. She did not want to take the time to listen to me tell her how their Internet site was not acknowledging my payment. I checked again this morning and my payment still does not show. It had always shown my payments the next day after receipt since I first used it last September. I am going to quit worrying about it.
Last night I went to the camera club meeting. Barry, the man who works for Canon, gave his presentation on Photoshop. He used the full blown Photoshop CS2 so my problem with importing batches of photos from my hard drive in Photoshop Elements 5 was not addressed. When I came home from the meeting, I started reading the book I bought. It gave me an idea on how to import the photos. This morning I tried the idea, and it did not work. I fumbled around and finally tried File, Get Photos, By Searching. The searching command allows you to bring in a whole folder of photos instead of opening one at a time. I wanted to open batches of photos in the Organizer. I think Photoshop Elements is the most counter intuitive piece of software I have ever attempted to use. I have always been very good at tackling new software and digesting the command structure, but this program is something else. I am glad that Barry lives in Frisco Lakes. It is good to have an astute photographer and computer techie nearby.
The computer operated all day yesterday and so far this morning without encountering any of its glitches. If it had problems all the time, there would be hope that they could be fixed, but the random nature of the glitches is most disconcerting. On its good days, I really like this computer.
The rain stayed away yesterday but is supposed to be back this evening and over the weekend. The temperature is climbing. With all the moisture and high temperatures, it will be exactly like Beaumont.
I am washing my sheets and mattress pad so they will be nice and clean for the new mattress when it is delivered on Sunday. I hope I made the right decision. Picking out a new mattress is difficult.
This afternoon I am going to the singles bridge game. Last week eight people showed up. It was nice to have two full tables so we did not have to rotate in and out. I was very lucky and got very good cards. I doubt if my luck will hold for a second week.


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