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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Do Nothing Day

The temperature finally reached the nineties yesterday; and of course, it was the day that we finally got to make our trip to the zoo. The zoo was packed with little children. In spite of the temperature and the children, I was glad that I went. I really do not like the Nikon 70-300 mm lens I bought for my camera. I have not used it very much. I shot all of my pictures with it yesterday. The lens needs to be absolutely steady which requires a tripod. I cannot hold it steady when the lens is fully extended. I only set my tripod up once. It was too much of a hassle with all the little children running around.
My camera is three years old already. I bought the Nikon SB-800 flash unit and 70-300 mm lens soon after I got the camera. I used the camera quite often during the remainder of 2004 and in 2005 until the hurricane arrived. After that, I was intent on moving away from Beaumont and I did not use the camera very often . At some point I created a wishlist on the B&H Photo site. It must have been in late 2004. One of the items I put on the list was a Nikon macro lens. Nikon calls them "micro" lenses. This morning I checked to see if my wishlist was still on B&H's site. I remembered my password and my list is still there. Maybe for Christmas I will get the macro lens. There were several items on the list that I still need. The 18-70 mm lens has a filter diameter of 67 mm. The 70-300 mm lens requires 62 mm filters. I have a 67 mm polarizer. I need a step-up ring so I can use the polarizer on the 70-300 mm lens. The step-up ring is also on the wishlist along with several other items that I still want. The wishlist saves me the trouble of searching again for the items I want.
I should receive the 8 gb USB flash memory drive from today or tomorrow. They have dropped the price $10.15 from what I paid. I sent them an email and asked them to give me a refund. I hope they are as nice about this one as they were with the printer.


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