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Sunday, May 06, 2007


Last year Frisco had a terrible drought while my house was being constructed. The slab for my house was poured in April, and I do not think there were more than one or two rain showers until the house closed on August 31. I kept saying the rain would follow me from Southeast Texas, and the drought would end when I moved. Well my prediction has proved to be a hundred percent accurate. What is really disconcerting now is that for the coming week Frisco is predicted to get more rain than Beaumont. There can be too much of a good thing.
I had counted eight caladiums from the fifty bulbs. I have revised my count downward to six. There was one new one this morning. I think one on the west side of the walk died. I had counted two from one bulb and there is one more that I now cannot find. I spend so much time staring at the flowebed that I will probably be giving the individual plants names very soon.
The mailman finally delivered my Movado watch from I decided it was worth the wait. The silver hands against the black dial are very easy to see. The numbers and dots on most women's watches are usually hard to see so I do not think the total lack of numbers and the one big dot is going to cause a problem.
My new printer is on schedule for delivery tomorrow. I have been going a little overboard on the Internet shopping. Yesterday I ordered another outfit from LL Bean. Frisco Lakes issued badges to the residents. We have to scan them when we enter the community center. They are in a plastic holder with a clip. The problem is I seldom have a place to clip the badge on my clothing. More and more people have been getting straps they wear around their necks. The straps have a ring or "J" hook for the badge. One woman told me the new Wal-Mart has the straps in the jewelry department. I did not like the ones I found there. They only had a few left. I learned the strap is called a lanyard. After I learned the proper name for the neck strap, I was able to start searching the Internet shopping sites. I found one in the University of Kansas merchandise. It had little jayhawks. It cost ~$5, but they wanted $5.95 for shipping. I ruled that one out. On another site I found one that was red, white and blue with stars and stripes. A lady here at Frisco Lakes has one and she told me she got it at the battleship Missouri during  a trip to Honolulu. They also had a shipping charge to double the cost. I then searched They had one with the Adidas logo. It was sold by one of Amazon's partners and again there was a whopping shipping charge. Yesterday I decided to see if Adidas has their own website. I looked, and they were running a Mother's Day free shipping special. I ordered a lanyard. I sure wasted a lot of time hunting for a lanyard.
I have several other items that I have ordered that are backordered. I got a good deal from on a pair of sandals. They are expected to be in stock on May 9. I have also ordered a Sandisk USB thumb drive from that has ultra fast flash memory and is specifically designed for Windows Vista Readyboost feature. It may be June before it arrives. The new Canon printer can scan documents to a USB thumb drive. Sears sent an email that said they are having a "Friends and Family" sale between 6 and 9 PM tonight. I though I would order the Craftsman pliers to replace the ones that went missing during the move. I will pick them up at the store. Hopefully I will be able to print out the email with the new printer before I go to pick them up. The last time I ordered from Sears I had to go to the library to print out the email before I went to pick up my purchase.


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