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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Week's End

I am going to sit in my recliner most of the day and catch up on the TV shows I missed this week. I have a craving for nothing.
Thursday evening I went to the camera club meeting. I enjoyed seeing the flower pictures. A computer was attached to the projector and we were able to see the flower pictures that some members of the group had taken. Some people in the group are natural-born photographers. Even though several only have point and shoot cameras, they have an instinctive sense for composition. I, on the other hand, have studied the technical aspects of photography, but I do not have the artistic aptitude to know what makes a good picture. The computer that was attached to the projector had Internet access. I told the group that my pictures of the Dallas Arboretum were online. They projected my pictures from the website. I wished I had kept still because I do nothing think my pictures compared favorably to some of the others. We then discussed plans for future meetings. There is a man in the group who works for Canon. He has already made one presentation to the group, but he is going to have a session on Photoshop Elements the next time. When I got home, I checked my calendar and found that my trip to Granbury in May is on the same day as the next camera club meeting. I am really disappointed.
I have been going for several weeks without a wristwatch. The batteries in both of my watches are dead. I took one watch to the Wal-Mart jewelry department, and the clerk was not able to get the back off my watch. I think it must have been damaged by the clerk at the Wal-Mart in Beaumont the last time I got a new battery. My other watch is twenty years old. I decided it was time for a new watch. I started looking at watches on I have always been fascinated by the Movado Museum watch. It is the one with a black dial and a single dot at the twelve o'clock position. I have heard many people complain about this watch because it lacks numbers and dots. I decided I would give it a try. I ordered a stainless steel model with a black leather strap. Of course, I checked and several other sources before ordering from Amazon had the best price.
I finally got my haircut yesterday morning. I went in a half hour earlier than I had been going on Wednesdays. The traffic on Frisco's Main Street was much heavier. The half hour made a big difference. There are two city parking lots near the beauty shop. Street construction has one partially blocked. I went to the other lot. It, too, was blocked. There was a fire truck and an EMS unit. I was able to drive through a gas station and get into the lot from another street. I told my hairdresser I wanted to go back to Wednesday for my appointments. She was glad because Wednsday is a much busier day for her.
Yesterday afternoon I went to the beginners' bridge game. I struggled through the session. The lady who has been teaching the bridge lessons was there and decided there was one more topic she should have covered. Next Wednesday I will have one more lesson. I think I need many more lessons. I need to sit down and memorize all the rules that have been covered.
Tonight is the Flix and Mingle event. I did not remember to find out what movie they are showing. It is going to be a surprise.
It will be two weeks tomorrow since I plant my caladium bulbs. I am just about ready to go to a nursery and buy bedding plants. There are a few green leaves popping up where I planted the bulbs, but I think they are all weeds. Only one of the bulbs that I planted had roots growing on it. I have one little green plant that is different from the others. I think one bulb may have sprouted.


  • At 8:57 PM, Blogger Teresa said…

    I played bridge years ago. I'm not sure I remember all the bidding strategies, but I do remember it took a long time to feel confident making the bids. We also played spades and rook, but I believe bridge is by far one of the harder games to learn. Enjoy catching up on you TV shows.


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