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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

At Last 2!

I keep checking my order status on to see if the Canon all-in-one printer I ordered back in March has shipped. The last estimate showed that they expected to ship on May 1. It did not happen. Finally this morning the status changed to say shipping soon. That means they have obtained a credit authorization. I really fear possible difficulties getting the new printer installed on my pc with Vista and also this is a network-ready printer. I hope I can maneuver the mine field. did ship the Movado watch that I ordered last week. They are sending it by the U.S. Postal Service so it is anyone's guess as to when it will arrive. All I know is I am tired of pulling out my cell phone to find out what the time is.
On Saturday I received an unexpected check from the Securities and Exchange Commission. A mutual fund that I purchased many years ago and have held misbehaved. It was something that I do not understand about timing trades. I also did not understand all the legalize that accompanied the check. The check was made out to me and the brokerage firm that has my retirement account. I drove down to the local office in Plano on Monday morning. The minute I pulled out the check the man at the desk said, "Oh yes, that is the result of litigation." He told me it was the proper thing to deposit it back in the retirement account.
On the way back to Frisco I stopped in the Sam's and Wal-Mart complex. After I got home and lugged all of my Sam's purchased out of the car and fixed my lunch, I was too tired to go to the canasta game. I parked myself in my recliner and fell asleep.
Yesterday was the Red Hat Society luncheon. We went to a tea room in the back of a shop in the old town section of Plano. Nine Frisco Lakes ladies attended the luncheon. We enjoyed our and lunch and had a very good time. I found out that Sam Moon's in Frisco carries the Red Hat jewelry that I had seen on the Internet. One lady purchased the same outfit that I did. I now have a twin. No decision was reached on where to hold the next meeting. Everyone seemed to like the idea of going someplace in Frisco so we would not have to drive so far. When I got home, I saw a pair of red flower earrings and a matching pin in my jewelry chest that are so old I cannot recall exactly when I got them. I cannot decide if they date back to high school or college. Anyway I think they are just the thing my Red Hat outfit needs, and no one will have duplicates. That only leaves decoration for the hat to be purchased. I saw a band of purple sequins in Wal-Mart on Monday that are tempting me.
It is almost time to go to the last bridge lesson so I better run the spell checker and push send on this article.


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