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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Quiet Start

So far so good. All has remained quiet in the attic. Meagan called yesterday to say the Pulte framing expert would be here this afternoon to inspect the attic. I told her I did not think there was any point in having the fireplace company come out again since there have been no more noises. I told her I wanted to wait and see what happens the next time there is strong wind.
The representative from Space Saver Cabinets gave me the name and phone number of someone who lives close by so I can see their cabinets. I will call this person today. I contacted one more company that installs garage cabinets. I decided I should at least get a second bid. I found a third company down in Richardson. They have a showroom. If there is a big difference in the price between the two companies I have contacted, I will seek a third bid.
I printed out the forms for the homestead exemptions. Since government offices were closed yesterday I will call Jefferson County today to request they send me the form I need to transfer my over 65 tax exemption. I have not received copies of the closing papers on the Beaumont house. The woman who handled the closing called me last Wednesday and said she was having the copies made for me. If she kept her word. I should receive them today.
I did my grocery shopping yesterday. I could not believe how light the traffic was yesterday morning on FM 423 around 9:30. I guess everyone has gone back to work. Speaking of work I had a ring side seat yesterday to the work going on the new house behind my house. Last week the pipes were put in the ground. Yesterday there were eight men who worked on the site all day. They filled in dirt over the pipes. Then they spread plastic sheeting. By the end of the day they were putting rebar in place. I expect the slab will be poured very soon. I have never been able to see so much of the construction process on any of my houses. I was working while the first three were being built. I would go to the site at the end of the work day or on weekends. While this house was being built I was in Beaumont. I did not realize how much is involved in getting ready to pour the slab.
This morning is haircut day again. I was not very happy with my last haircut. I may be looking for some place else if I get another bad haircut.


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