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Friday, December 29, 2006


On Wednesday a framer finally came to my house. The board that supported the dryer and laundry room vent pipes was continuing to crack and was hanging together by just splinters. I don't think I would have been able to sleep during the night if I had known how the split was progressing. If that board had cracked clear through it would have fallen down on the sheetrock along with the vent pipes. The framer said the split board was supposed to have been removed. It was temporary bracing used during construction. Since it had not been removed the HAC people had strapped the vent pipes to it since it was in a convenient location. The framer sawed off the top part of the split board and nailed the lower part of the board to a main vertical structural support. I do not know if this is a satisfactory repair or not.
Last night at bedtime. I heard a new knocking coming from the attic. The fireplace vent pipe runs up the wall between my bedroom and the living room. I got up and found the noise was louder right above the fireplace. This was the first time I had head this noise. I woke up at 2:30 in the morning and the noise really bothered me. I got up and emailed Meagan about the problem. I want a qualified inspector to come to this house to check out all of the installations in the attic. There was wind through the night last night. It did not seem to be the strong gusts like we had on Christmas day, but it was more constant.
One of the neighbors told me she had seen cabinets being installed in the garage of the people at the end of the street. I went down there yesterday and asked about their cabinets. The man showed me the cabinets and gave me some pointers. He gave me the name of the company that installed his. He did not get a bid from the company that is located in Frisco. I am leaning toward doing business with the local company. These cabinets are prefabricated. What I had thought about are ones that are built on site, but I have not found anyone who does that type.
My email friend's husband came by yesterday and picked up my remaining moving boxes. Their house in Frisco Lakes is under construction. They have started packing and are busy getting their current home ready for sale. They have a big task ahead. I wish them well.
Several people around here have colds and sore throats. It is the season for it. My cold lasted about ten days. I am now completely recovered. I think I caught my cold on my birthday when I went to the museum in Fort Worth. There were groups of school children touring the exhibit, and I am positive that was the source of my infection.


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