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Friday, December 22, 2006

Time to Celebrate

The new house stopped being "the new house" yesterday and now is simply the place I call home. FedEx delivered the closing papers on the Beaumont house. They were supposed to be here by 10:30. I called FedEx. I did not know the tracking number, but they were able to find the record and told me the truck was a little late leaving the ramp. They arrived about fifteen minutes later. I went ahead and ate lunch before opening the package.  Everything appeared to be in order.
I took the papers to a branch of my bank. The tellers told me the customer service representative would not be able to notarize closing papers unless the financing was through the bank. They told me to go to the UPS Store. I stuck my head in the office of the only customer service rep. and asked him if he could notarize my papers. He said he could, but there were three people ahead of me. I decided to wait rather than search for some place else. Finally he called me into his office. There was one form that concerned tax reporting information. All the questions were negative statements, and I did not know whether to answer yes or no to them. The notary suggested I call the title company. I called and both the women I had been dealing with were out. I asked if there was someone else that could help me. Finally a lady came on the phone and she told me to answer yes to all the questions. The title company had included a prepaid FedEx envelope so that made things much simpler for me. I went to Stonebriar Mall. I missed the Kinkos/FedEx store when I drove by from the mall side. I went out on the SH 121 frontage road and found it. The parking lot was full. Finally I found a place to park. It was a big place and an absolute zoo inside. I handed my envelope to a man at the counter.
I was ready to leave the Stonebriar Mall grounds when my cell phone rang. It was my realtor. The new owner wanted to know if I still had the keys to the mailbox. My next stop was going to be the post office to mail the remaining house keys and garage door keys to the new owner. I told my realtor I was assuming the post office would change the lock and give him new keys. She said no he needed the keys. I headed back home to get the keys through very snarled traffic. As I was driving. I realized it would do no good to mail the mailbox keys to the old house if they were going to be put in the locked mailbox. I called my realtor and asked her if there was some place else I could mail the keys. She now told me she had told him to go to the post office, and now he did not need the keys. I was not too happy about being detoured on my way to the post office for nothing. It is much harder to get from point A to point B in Frisco than it is in Beaumont. I then went to The Colony post office and mailed the keys.
I am checking the FedEx tracking information on the closing papers. They are supposed to be delivered to the title company by 10:30. After they are delivered, I will start checking my bank account. Wired money is credited to the account the same day. Back in 1999 I made a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. I went on a tour to the Jack Daniel Distillery at Lynchburg. It was a very enjoyable tour. I got caught up in the situation and spent $37 for a special commemorative bottle of Jack Daniels. I have never opened the bottle. I drink very little and have always regretted spending so much money on something so foolish. I have decided that when the money for the house sale is deposited it is finally time to open that costly bottle.


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