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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


My realtor says closing will be today. She called to tell me this and that the buyer wants to move into the house immediately after closing. The realtor sent me a lease agreement to sign that will allow him to move in before I receive the funds. I do not like this. I told her Pulte requires that they have possession of the funds before they release the keys to the house. My realtor assured me that it was safe. I signed the lease and have it ready to fax back to her. I called my insurance company and asked if letting the buyer move in would complicate my insurance coverage. They told me it was all right. I called the title company at 4 PM yesterday to confirm that closing will take place today. They told me they had heard from the lender but had not yet received the papers. I asked them to call me as soon as they receive the papers. I called my realtor back and told her I was not going to fax the lease until I had a confirmation from the title company that that closing was going to take place. If closing does take place today, I will receive the papers tomorrow and FedEx them back to Beaumont. I should receive the money on Friday. I really want this to be over.
The plumber and garage door people are supposed to be here today. It rained most of the night and is supposed to continue today. That should not stop the repairs. I emailed Meagan and told her the fireplace vent pipe still needs to be painted. I checked the UPS tracking information and it looks like my wireless weather station will arrive today.
My neighbor brought a Christmas dinner to me last night. I gather that they are having several Christmas dinners. They had planned to go caroling last night, but the rain killed that idea.


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