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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Plodding Along

I accomplished a few things yesterday. First event of the day was to get my hair cut. When I went to turn out on FM 423 from Stonebrook Parkway, there was a Frisco policeman directing traffic. I saw that a very bad wreck had taken place. A north bound trailer truck was turned over. A little red car was loaded on a flatbed truck. The little car's front end was demolished. Fortunately I did not see any ambulances, but they may have already left the scene. I saw a couple with gray hair who looked like they might be Frisco Lakes residents talking to one of the policemen. The lady was talking on her cell phone. I am driving several miles out of my way because I absolutely will not attempt to make a left turn out of Frisco Lakes, It is too dangerous. Del Webb/Pulte is willing to pay for traffic signals at Stonebrook and at Del Webb Blvd. but the State of Texas will not approve the traffic signals until the traffic out of Frisco Lakes reaches a certain level. I wonder how many Frisco Lakes residents will sacrifice their lives before we get traffic signals.
I tried to tactfully convey the message to my hair stylist that I was not happy with my last haircut. She got the message and did a much better job than last time. I went ahead and made my next appointment.
Space Saver Cabinets gave me the phone number of one of their customers who lives near Frisco Lakes. I called her and am going to go see her cabinets this morning. She said she is very pleased with their work. She said she used another company in a previous house and likes the Space Saver Cabinets much better. I have another company coming out on Friday morning to give me an estimate. I found a third one in Richardson with a showroom. I decided I should go ahead and get more bids just to make sure that the price from Space Saver Cabinets is similar to their competition.
The owner of Pulte's framing company came by yesterday afternoon. He went up in the attic and looked around. He told me everything is just fine. He said he pulled the file on my house. He said during the city inspection two items on my house were "red flagged"; but of course, those items were corrected. It rained during the night. I heard a rattle again. I got up and listened around the fireplace, but the rattle was not coming from that area. I finally decided it was the rain going through one of the downspouts.
Yesterday afternoon I kept checking for the mail. I made my last trip out to the mailbox at 7 PM. I gave up and enabled the alarm. This morning I went out to the mailbox, and it was full of mail. There are numerous complaints about the Frisco mail delivery on the Frisco Online forum. One person said the problem is that Frisco is still classified as a rural area. My mail is delivered in private vehicles which is usually done in rural areas. Beaumont had a population of 113,000. Beaumont had four or five post offices. The main post office and the Tobe Hahn station which served my area were both much bigger than the Frisco Post Office. Frisco's population is supposed to reach 100,000 this year. It is time for the post office to catch up.
The final closing papers from the title company were not in my mail. I got a letter from the Texas Windstorm Insurance group acknowledging cancellation of the policy, but I was disappointed because the refund check was not included. The letter said that would be sent separately. I received the homestead exemption application form from the Collin Appraisal District. It said 2007 on it. The one I had printed from their website still said 2006. I called the Jefferson County Appraisal District office and requested they send me the certificates I need to transfer my over 65 exemption. The lady I talked to was very nice. She said she would send the certificates out right away, and she was taking my name off of the Jefferson County tax records.


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