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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Four More Boxes

That is the number of boxes in the garage that I have not unpacked. I
better hurry if I am going to meet my goal of having everything
unpacked by Christmas. I finally found the courage to unpack the large
wardrobe box. It was packed with many missing goodies. I had finally
convinced my self that I had given my old Christmas wreath to
Goodwill. Wrong! It was in the wardrobe box. A few of the items I
unpacked included my dustpan and whisk broom, all the missing tools
for the shop vac, the garden watering can, plastic buckets, lawn
blower, several shrub trimmers (electric and manual), two garden
hoses, two soaker hoses (items needed to keep the house slab from
cracking), a crowbar, a saw, a metal pipe that I put in the sliding
glass door track and my electric drill. It goes on and on.

Now the tidy garage is a mess because I have no shelves or cabinets. I
saw an ad in a mailer I received this week for a company in Frisco
that installs custom cabinets in garages. I am going to post a request
for recommendations in the Frisco Online forum for companies that
install cabinets in the garages. I think that will be my project for
right after the holidays.

I want to buy the pansies and plant them in front, but I have not
located my garden tools. The little hand spade and other tools must be
in the four remaining boxes. I have two sets of tools, but so far they
are amongst the missing.

I have been wanting to find the electric drill so I could drill a
little starter hole in the back of a kitchen cabinet door so I could
install my dishtowel rack. I still cannot do that because none of the
heavy duty shop extensions cords have been unpacked. I had not touched
the garage boxes. I had learned to ignore those items. I had most
everything I needed inside the house, but now I am experiencing those
feelings of frustration and anxiety that I had when I was unpacking
the boxes in the living quarters. I will never move again.


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