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Friday, December 01, 2006

New Washing Machine

Sears delivery managed to arrive within the designated time window and
deliver the new washing machine in spite of the ice and snow that was
on the streets. As far as I can tell, the new machine has no scratches
or dents. The delivery men were very careful and got the first machine
out of the laundry room and brought in the new machine with no
problems. On Tuesday the repairman pointed out that the first machine
was missing a cover plate on the detergent dispenser. I was not aware
that there was supposed to be one. I checked the new machine, and it
is has the cover.

After the delivery men left, I rewashed the towels that were used to
test the first machine. I know they were not rinsed properly. The new
machine washed the towels with no problems. I consider myself very
fortunate to get the brand new machine and not have to wait to find
out if repairs would fix the problems with the first machine. I am
very grateful to the Sears salesman in Beaumont who arranged the
delivery of the new machine.,

I called my realtor yesterday morning and left a message for her to
call me and give me an update on the closing status on the Beaumont
house. At 3:30 I had not heard from her and called the Coldwell Banker
office. The realtor was in the office. She said she had a call into
the title company, but they had not returned the call. She said she
was assuming there was a delay in the getting the papers from the
mortgage company. She said she would call me back as soon as she heard
something. I told her that I had contacted all of the utilities, and
they were going out of my name on November 30. She said that was all
right. I immediately called the insurance company and told them not to
cancel the insurance. The Texas Windstorm policy will not be canceled
until I fax the form to them, and I had not done that. I have my
fingers crossed that the closing will take place today.

The temperature was 25 degrees when I got up this morning. I turned
the fireplace on and let it run a little longer than yesterday
morning, but it was still not long enough to find out if the limit
switch will trip.

UPS arrived a little after 6 PM with the SD memory card for my new
Palm. I had a little problem inserting it into the the Palm. Finally I
realized that Palm had shipped the PDA with a fake plastic card in the
slot. After I removed the plastic, the new memory card slipped right
in. I then transferred some files to the card, and there were no

The temperature is supposed to warm up to about 50 today. There is
still a little snow on the ground, but it will not last long. I am
going to stay home today so I will be here for calls from Beaumont.
Tomorrow it will be warm enough to go out and run my errands. More
cold weather is predicted for Dallas over the weekend.


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