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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Day I Have Been Waiting For

Tomorrow is closing day on my Beaumont house. This morning I am going
to call the water, gas and electric utilities and tell them to take
the utilities out of my name on Thursday. I also have to make two
calls to cancel insurance policies. There is the homeowners policy and
the Texas Windstorm policy. The FEMA flood insurance expired on
November 22. I did not renew that policy because I knew the sale was
getting close and the extended weather report for Beaumont looked

I made arrangements with the title company for them to overnight the
closing papers to me. I will probably get them on Friday. I looked at
the weather report this morning and Dallas may get two inches of snow
tomorrow. I cannot remember the last time I saw an accumulation of
snow. I think it must be back in the 80's. I hope by Friday when I
have to go out and get the closing papers notarized and find a FedEx
office that the snow is cleared off the streets. I think I will call
the Frisco Lakes sales office this morning and see if someone there is
a notary who can notarize my papers. I was planning on taking them to
a branch of my bank, but I could walk to the Frisco Lakes sales office
if I had to.

I still feel exhausted because of the experience I went through
yesterday with the washing machine. What I thought was going to be a
simple repair turned into something so major.

I plan on testing the fireplace tomorrow when the weather turns cold.
I hope I am not setting myself up for more suffering.

After I make my phone calls this morning I am going to get out of the
house and do grocery shopping before the bad weather arrives this
afternoon. I have a narrow window to get resupplied.


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