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Monday, November 20, 2006


At last the fireplace operates, but it has been very painful to reach
this point. After the tile was removed I could clearly see that the
vent pipe was disconnected. Removing the tile was not the end of the
destruction. They then had to take a saw and cut out a section of the
wood fireplace frame behind the sheetrock and tile so they could
insert the new section of pipe. I went to the other side of the house
so I did not have to watch.

Finally the new pipe was in place. They turned the gas back on. The
fireplace burned for 30 minutes without the limit switch tripping. At
that point the technician shut it off and put the new logs in place.
He turned the flame back on, and it went for another 15 minutes. I am
thankful that the limit switch did what it was supposed to because the
fireplace definitely had a severe safety issue. I am also glad that I
finally saw the cause of the problem. I felt like I was being given a
line of double talk on the previous visits.

Now the repair of the tile is going to be a two-step process. At 8:30
tomorrow morning someone will be here to repair the sheetrock. That
will have to dry, and then the tile setter will put the tile back in
place. In addition there will be a visit from a painter to paint the
new section of pipe in the roof vent plus paint the new cleanout pipe
plug brick red on the Fisco Lakes Drive side of the house.


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