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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Curio Cabinet and The Wind

No, the wind has not blown down the curio cabinet, but it has blown
down one of the live oak trees in front of my neighbors house. It it
has been the next tree it would have hit the neighbors' RV. They
returned on Monday with the RV and have been frantically working to
unload it. The strict Frisco Lakes rules allow them to keep the RV in
front of their home for 48 hours. They had lived in the RV for two
years and have a great deal to move into the house. The wind is making
it a much more difficult job.

Today is trash and watering day. Trash containers have been blown over
up and down the street. There is paper caught in one of my trees that
is going to be difficult for me to remove. It started to rain. Two
weeks ago it rained on a Wednesday. Wednesday is the only day that we
are allowed to water.

I worked all morning on cleaning the glass and mirrors in the curio
cabinet and then unpacked my figurines. I decided to take a picture of
the cabinet. I forgot about the mirror in the back of the cabinet; and
as a result, I am in the picture. Look closely.


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