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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Things improved yesterday afternoon. The plumber came back and
repaired the broken clean out pipe on the side of the house. A man
from the heating and air conditioning company came and reattached the
vent pipe to the roof in the attic. He put straps at the top of the
pipe. It was strapped before, but in a place that could not support
the weight of the pipe.

When Meagan called, she said she had contacted Pulte's land manager
who coordinates with CoServe. He will attempt to get the gas pressure
issue resolved. The Lennox representative told me the house they had
visited earlier in the day on Tuesday in Denton that also had a
damaged valve was a Pulte home and the gas utility was CoServ. Pulte
probably has a significant number of houses with the Lennox fireplaces
that will develop problems if the gas pressure is too high.

The clock man called and said he had repaired my old clock made by the
New England Clock Co. He said it has kept perfect time for three days.
He will bring it back to me this afternoon. I still have not filled
out the form for the Seiko mantel clock or made any attempt to package
it. It is on my list.

I am expecting another package from L.L. Bean today. Getting packages
from UPS and FedEx has become routine. The Dillards delivery truck
found its way here without any assistance from me. One of these days
all of the transition problems into the new house are going to be
resolved, and I can settle into a normal living pattern.

The high winds have finally died down. Yesterday was really an awful
day. This morning I have to go out and do my grocery shopping. It is
cold this morning. I can tolerate the cold if there is no wind.


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